Christmas Challenge: The Results!

You’ll probably not be surprised to know that the Christmas Challenge was comprehensively failed! Of my 6lbs target, I managed to lose a solitary single pound! However, one good thing has come out of it – I have joined the gym!

I’m going to Fitness First for Women in the city centre, which has been a bit of a pain while I’ve been off over Christmas, but will return to being convenient when I’m back at work and in town every day. I’ve been enjoying it so far. Only had the chance to try one of the classes: Legs Bums and Tums, again the programme has been off a bit over Christmas, so I will get to try the Body Pump and Body Balance classes soon I hope.

So watch this space, hopefully 2011 will see me getting fitter and more toned! I’ve had all me measurements done, so at such time as I make a bit of progress I shall post and let you all know!


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