REVIEW: Layla Graffiti Topcoat – WOW!

I got sent the Layla Graffiti Topcoat in White by R8Beauty to try out. They sent me a little questionnaire too, which I’ve just done. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks and been waiting for a peaceful evening to try it out and now I am SO GLAD I found time to give it a whirl.

I was a little unsure about it – it says topcoat on the bottle, but there is no more information than that. The lid has a funky design on it, but I had no idea if that was actually what it would do. I started off with Stay Perfect’s Totally Teal as a base, cos I am obsessed with Teal and it matches my DMs. Woo!

I took a deep breath after my two coats were dry and applied the Layla Graffiti topcoat. I was unsure how much to put on, so I just went for a decent dollop. And before my very eyes, I watched it shrink and crack and produce the exact effect on the bottle top. Oh my days. I was in awe.

I convinced my lovely hubby to film me putting on the next hand. I’m really glad I used a dark base coat, because the effect shows up really well. I am now really keen to try the other colours in the range. This is literally the easiest, but most effective nail art I have ever seen – I am rapt with this product. Now it is dry, it is quite a rough finish, as you would imagine. I would think that if you want to preserve the finish, you could use another top coat on, to stop it catching day to day. I’m gonna just go with it as it because I quite like the matte finish of the Layla with the occasional shine of the base showing through.

Another really fun aspect to this was the problems I was having with my camera. I messed about with the flash a bit and got some really awesome pics. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. My camera is a Toshiba Camileo – technically a camcorder, so not so great for stills, but I love the effects that came out with the flash and high contrast here!

I seriously can’t recommend the funkiness of this product enough. Get it, get it now.

Excuse the quality of the video, my husband is not the best videographer lol.


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