What Lo-Lo Did Next: Toast Part Deux

Simon Cowell and Prince Charles

So I got hold of some pictures from one of the staff at the City Rooms to show you all our next toasty efforts! We did these on behalf of the Daily Mail, but I don’t think they used them in the end!! Ah well, it was 6.5 hours of more toasty fun and absolutely dead  legs the next day!

But maybe doing these will cement my reputation as a ‘contemporary artist’ so if the whole museum thing goes belly up then I’ve got something even more flouncy to fall back on.

Me working Liz Hurley

They’ve told me they’ll send me more so I’ll add them as I receive them. In true Daily Mail stylee, we did the Queen, Prince Charles, Simon Cowell, Mick Jagger, Joanna Lumley, Liz Hurley, Madonna and David Cameron. Absolutely all my favourite celebrities in the world. I’m surprised at how well they’ve come out via this mobile phone camera though. Toast mosaics seem to always look better in photos and considering these are quite small the overall impression is still there.

And so the art of toast mosaicking continues to develop. :)

Turning Prince Charles into the Queen!


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