Extreme Housewife’s Christmas Challenge!

I heard on the news this morning that today is the last day for people who want to lose a few pounds sensibly to start preparing for Christmas. This got me to thinking how I’ve let my exercise slip and had far too much beer and takeout in the last fortnight or so, so I have decided to embark upon an Extreme Housewife Christmas Challenge!

In fairness, the tshirt doesn’t help. But my posture’s awful!

I weighed myself on the wii fit and was shocked that it came out at 8st 10lbs! Arghh! (I was 8st 6lbs two months ago when I last went on it!) For someone of my diminutive height, this is not good enough. Since there are 6 weeks until Xmas I want to lose 6lbs. I want to end up more toned so I can look fabulous if I happen to get invited to any Christmas parties. So, 8st 4lbs or below by Christmas, that’s the challenge.

In fairness, I’m not going to change my diet. I’ve definitely had too much fast food recently,  but that has been a product of circumstance, rather than choice. So I’ll just make sure I stick to the usual routine of cooking too much for dinner and taking some into work for lunch the next day. I will also remind the Extreme Husband that as much as she loves his homemade curries, she should not be eating two portions worth of them at once. And I refuse to cut down on the beer – again, we’ve been out a lot recently, but that should be calming down now, so back to a few drinks once or twice  a week.

In order to complete the challenge therefore, I need to get back on the exercise. EA Sports Active here I come! I will also record all my activity and habits on Feel Fit, so I can keep tabs on how I’m doing with eating, drinking and exercising.

I am hoping that by posting on here and being honest about it I will feel obliged to keep it up and therefore not feel like a lazy cow come Christmas. We shall see. Any encouragement duly welcomed!


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