Extreme Halloween

OK, I want to get myself ready for Halloween this year. I can’t remember dressing up for Halloween – ever! My parents weren’t really into it and wouldn’t let me go trick or treating and I never really went out for Halloween at uni, so this year I’m thinking it could be time to go for it and hold a house party.

So having never really done this before, I want an awesome costume. And I think it’s only right that I make it. I don’t mind if I sew, knit, crochet or stick it, but it’s got to be good. And I’ve got 3 weeks just over to make it. So do you, lovely blog readers, have any ideas?

Past fancy dress is a cop out, although I did the flares!

I’ve been scouting the internet. Rainbow Brite looks a possibility, with knitted armwarmers and tights/leg warmers and a sewn bodice. I’ve seen awesome YouTube videos for making your own fairy wings, which seems to be a great idea, but maybe a little predictable? I’ve seen knitted cat accessories – ears and tail as well as hilarious sewn costumes FOR cats, which I think my three would totally not appreciate…

In the past I’ve made a couple of things that would be suitable for a costume so I’m happy to go on with it. My favourite was the Brain Slug (from Futurama) that I made for a friend, unfortunately I didn’t take a picture.

Help! How can I go from my past fancy dress predictability to amazing?


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