And she said ‘Let there be path’

Wow! What a beautiful day!

Gipsy-Moo living it large

I am very much enjoying being out in the garden in a t-shirt and long shorts at this time of the year! I’ve been neglecting the garden for the last month or so as work has been so busy and the rain has not encouraged me to get out there, so today I thought it was time to roll up my sleeves and get it sorted. Looks like Gipsy-Moo is enjoying the impromptu sunshine as well, although I’m slightly worried she may have killed off the rosemary cuttings that were doing so well! Time will tell on that one!

The monster veg garden

I have officially declared the growing season for most things over. I’ve picked the last couple of baby courgettes and pulled up the plant as it’s time to reclaim my path, especially with the terrible weather that undoubtedly lies ahead. Unsurprisingly, the cabbages and cauliflowers have not recovered from the Cabbage White caterpillar attack, so they’ve gone too! I have deadheaded the climbing rose for the last time this year. The kale I am hoping will recover and continue to provide us with greens over winter, so I’ve simply trimmed off the cabbage white ravaged leaves and left the new growth. Hopefully it will thrive now it has a bit more space.

Hope there’s room in the compost!

My random beetroot all looks to be doing pretty well, so we can start eating those soon too. I was pleased to pull all of that lot up and find my Poundland gooseberry bush is still holding its own at the back of the border. Hopefully next year it will shoot up like the blackcurrant has this year, although that is yet to fruit. The last of the redcurrants are shriveling on the branch now, so that is heading into its winter sleep and I’ve cut back the lovage for the last time – that will wilt down to its roots, ready for me to move it when it first shows it’s head next year.

And lo, there was path

All in all a very productive year for the garden this year. We’ve done very well for vegetables and herbs – the sorrel in particular seems to have enjoyed its new location. Now all I need is for the Extreme Husband to get the lawns cut and we can pretty much leave the garden to sleep until next year. Night night planties!


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