Having a go at Nail Art!

I thought I’d have a go at a little bit of freestyle nail art this evening. The base coat is done with Del Sol in Secret Crush. This stuff is funky, because it changes colour in the sun. This colour will go purple, I shall have to add a photo of that tomorrow! I did the little swirly lines with 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Amaretto.

I did the patterns with a cocktail stick, which worked pretty well, but I think a little brush would be easier. I have no idea where to get a tiny nail varnish brush from though! For my first attempt I thought it would be wise to try something non-regular or symmetrical to cover up any mistakes. All in, I’m pretty pleased with it as a first attempt, it’s definitely something I will try to take further. There is loads of neat inspiration online so I’ll see how it goes.

It also made me laugh that the angle I took the photo from makes my fingers look really tiny and stubby! If I do any more I shall have to experiment with more flattering angles!


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