Giant Cupcake!

Giant Cupcake of Ultimate Chocolate

Thanks to the lovely people at Prezzybox, my latest project has seen me delve into the world of snack pimping. I used their giant cupcake tin to make this creation for our BBQ the other night.

The tin didn’t come with instructions about the sort of volume of cake mix that you would need, so I just guessed at a 4 egg basic sponge. This cake was interesting because it was made with Splenda granulated sweetner instead of sugar! To make up for the calories, I dumped a load of chocolate in between the layers and on top lol. I don’t think I put enough butter in the chocolate though as it went totally solid instead of maintaining a little squdginess.

My friends who sampled the cake all enjoyed it though, so no one noticed the sweetner, which I think is pretty cool. Next time I’m going to have to make more mixture though, to get an even bigger cupcake, and try to figure out how to get the tops to rise evenly, I had a lot of offcuts from where I had to cut flat the edges of the two cakes to sandwich them together. Not that offcuts of cake go to waste in this house!


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