Competition: The Power of Social Networking!!

Yay! I just reached 1000 followers on Twitter!

And to celebrate, I’ve decided to have a giveaway. Quite frankly I think anyone who’s willing to listen to the rubbish I spout on Twitter deserves a little something in return. Plus, you’re all so lovely and generous and supportive that I’d like to show my appreciation.

Oh, and of course, being into me competitions as I am, I have an ulterior motive or two. I am intrigued by this social networking lark and how one informs another. I’m interested to see if my Twitter followers are willing to make the leap to my blog. Everyone can do with a bit of Extreme Housewifery in their life. If you’re not sure what Extreme Housewifery is, it’s essentially crochet and baking, but with piercings. Yeah, metal.

More than that, I’ve entered the BMI Friday competition. I desperately want to win a pair of free flights, so I can take my lovely husband to California so we can hook up with our best friends over there. That is social networking based too. I have a video on YouTube and all I need to do is get loads of views. Simple, no? Well, apparently not as it seems people are unwilling to follow a link and have a quick looksee.

So, with all these social tinterwebby experiments in mind, may I present my competition. I have decided that I will allocate three prizes. There is a lovely Ten Second Epic t-shirt in Size Small, a Rimmel Sun Shimmer instant tan oojit in Fair Shimmer (cos summer’s on its way out now and you might be needing it) and… one MYSTERY MAKEUP prize – all together now – Oooooooo!!!!

To enter you need to do the following three things:

1. Make sure you follow me on Twitter as I will be DMing the winners. You can find me at LoLoPants
2. Got to YouTube and watch my BMI Friday video. Feel free to watch it twice even, or share it with friends lol.
3. Come back to this lovely blog, make sure you’ve clicked the follower button and post a comment, telling me something interesting relating to one of the geographical areas I mention in the video. Make sure you include your Twitter name so I can DM you when you win!

And that’s it! If you ain’t following me on here or on Twitter, you can’t win I’m afraid. I will close the competition on Friday 14th September, sometime when I get home from work. The winners will be chosen using – the 1st winner gets to choose which prize they want, 2nd winner chooses from what’s left and the 3rd winner just gets what they’re given and considers themselves thankful!

I’m afraid this giveaway is open to people in the UK only cos I’m too poor to stretch to international postage. No multiple fakey Twitter accounts please, that’s just annoying, please just stick to one comment per person to make it fair.

Awesome. Do what you do best people.

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