Bacon and Berets

Cheese AND bacon? Om nom.

I thought my extreme housewifery should include more of my day to day cookingery, so here is tonight’s creation, a potato, onion and bacon casserole. It didn’t look so good when I served it up but it was still tasty. It was really easy to prepare. I sliced the potatoes and boiled for 5 minutes while I chopped up the bacon and onion. I mixed a small amount of chicken stock with a tablespoon of flour and some rosemary from the garden. Once the potatoes were cooked, I layered it all up in an ovenproof dish with some cheese and cooked on 180C for 45 mins et voila! Nom nom. It’s been a good day for food, I made bacon and lentil soup for lunch. Can you tell I was using up the end of the £1.50 for 1kg bag of bacon bits from the butchers?

Will this become a beret?

In other housewife duties, I’ve been crocheting a slouchy beret type thing since last night. Here is a record of my progress so far. I am slightly concerned that the stitch I used for expanding the circle was too much for the gauge, so there may be some unravelling later this evening. I’m hoping that it’ll all balance out when I do a few more rows without increasing but we’ll see.

And finally, good news on the competition front! After winning eyeshadow from 17 this morning (yay!) this evening I got an email from the FabWine website. My photo got the most votes so we have won a trip to Bordeaux for the weekend to do some wine tasting! I am so happy, we really didn’t think we’d get away this year (or maybe next year given how the old finances are looking!) so this is amazing.


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