Hi everyone,
I don’t think I’m too good at this blog thing! I seem to always be apologising for not getting round to posting!

In the housewifery stakes, I have been crocheting myself a top from this pattern: http://www.naturallycaron.com/projects/cushman/cushman_3.html. It’s taking me a while as the top bit is OK, but the lower part has turned out too small, but I can’t find my 6mm crochet hook for love nor money!! I need to unpick what I’ve already done. I think changing the pattern slightly will mean it works better for my shape, but I got so far with it so far I’ve not been able to face the unpicking. I love the colours though, I think it will look really good when it’s done.

We’ve got three cats now (yup, it really is that long since I blogged!). We found out Gaia had essentially got pregnant the weekend before we got her, so 9 weeks later 5 new bundles of joy came along. It was great having them grow up here and the house was literally alive with them running and playing!

As is the way of these things, unfortunately it was soon time for 4 of them to fly the nest, and now we just have the lovely Morrighan to keep Gaia and Gypsy-Moo company. They are a great little family though, they all look out for each other, play together and are generally nice to each other, which makes me happy! I am glad that they don’t really fight!

Not sure what my next craft project’s going to be when the top’s finished. Got two directions I’m thinking of looking at is either getting the sewing machine out again and having a bash at making some proper clothes for myself for the first time, or I might like to do some painting. I’ve always been keen to do some artwork for the house, but I feel lacking in inspiration in both departments at the moment. Probably going to go to California next month, so perhaps that will give me some new styles and ideas?


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