Naughty, forgetful housewife

I have been terribly neglectful of this blog. Sorry about that, although I was conscious it existed, I never seemed to think about it whilst on the computer.

The extreme housewifery for Christmas went well as you can see.

Bin looked mighty fine in his custom produced Mad Scientist/Devil hat and the girls looked just lovely in their Straight From New Look style slouch hats. Huzzah.

Unfortunately, the extreme housewifery I was attempting for Bin’s birthday has had some teething problems and frustrated me to the point where I have got bored with it. I shall have to find Mike’s phone to take a picture and then explain further.

In other extreme news, I am getting the urge to cook something cool, as we seem to be in a permanent state of no-foodness at the moment in the house. The desire to cook will surely drive me to the market and then the random combinations of ingredients will begin.


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